Hunter Biden Refuses Closed-Door Deposition, Sparking Impeachment Inquiry Vote

In a dramatic turn of events, Hunter Biden refused to comply with a Republican subpoena for a closed-door deposition, demanding a public hearing instead. This defiance has fueled the already heated political landscape, prompting Republicans to formally initiate an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Republicans, who have been investigating Hunter Biden‘s business dealings for months, view the closed-door session as crucial to their investigation. They claim his refusal to cooperate is a sign of something to hide. Democrats, however, dismiss the entire inquiry as a “baseless fishing expedition” aimed at damaging the President’s reputation.

The situation is further complicated by ongoing criminal charges against Hunter Biden in two states, unrelated to the impeachment inquiry. These charges, which include tax evasion and gun possession violations, add another layer of scrutiny to the Biden family’s business activities.

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The House is expected to vote later today on the formalization of the impeachment inquiry. This vote is seen by Republicans as a way to strengthen their legal position in compelling Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family to testify. Despite the escalating tensions, the White House remains resolute in its opposition to the investigation, calling it a “partisan smear campaign.”

Key Points:

  • Hunter Biden defies a Republican subpoena, demanding public testimony instead.
  • Republicans accuse him of non-cooperation and launch contempt proceedings.
  • House expected to formally authorize impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
  • Democrats slam the investigation as a “partisan smear campaign” with no evidence.
  • Hunter Biden faces criminal charges in two states, unrelated to the impeachment inquiry.

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