The Braves and Chris Sale ink a $38MM deal over two years, reshaping the team's pitching dynamics.

A closer look at Sale's earnings - $16MM in 2024 and $22MM in 2025, with an intriguing $18MM club option for 2026. 

Details on how the new deal supersedes Sale's previous extension with the Red Sox, bringing clarity to the financial structure. 

Chris Sale's recent acquisition from the Red Sox, involving Vaughn Grissom, and the financial breakdown of the deal. 

Analyzing the Braves' decision to commit to chris Sale for at least two years, highlighting the risks and potential rewards. 

Recalling Sale's stellar 2017 season and comparing it to his recent stats, showcasing the pitcher's resilience. 

Examining the Braves' rotation landscape, with Sale's inclusion and the team's considerations for the future. 

Summarizing the mutual benefits of the deal - Braves gaining flexibility and a potential pitching boost, while Sale secures future earnings. 

Speculating on the Braves' rotation outlook for 2025 and the role Sale will play alongside emerging talents.