UK hit by travel bans as Christmas Covid lockdown starts – BBC News

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Laura, a single mum from Brighton, had already begun to pack her bags to spend Christmas with her brother and his family before the restriction changes were announced on Saturday.

The mental health nurse was wrapping presents with her nine-year-old son Lucas when they heard the news.

“I could see him trying to hold it together, but as I pulled him in for a
cuddle he just sobbed and sobbed,” she says.

“For me, I face a long period of working with Covid
patients, I will create a bubble with my sister in January so she can help with
my son and I will isolate.

“This Christmas was about resting, recuperating and
spending time with those I love and my son was so excited.”

Now, she says, she has no tree, decorations or food ready for Christmas Day for just the two of them.

“I don’t think I have ever felt so sad as a mum, absorbing and nurturing and
loving him through this disappointment.”

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