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The outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 saw the world transform more quickly than expected. For instance, working from home In Norway became the ‘new normal.’ Employees had to adapt to the sudden changes to enable them to deliver as expected.

Businesses also shifted most of their operations from brick-and-mortar stores to online. Customers from then up to date can acquire whatever they need with just a click of the button.

Keep reading to find out the interesting facts revealed here about digital transformation 2021 and the Norwegian online gaming trends by our expert Jorgen Aasgen. Read more about the author here.

What are some of the trends to look out for in 2021?


Esports is one of the new forms of entertainment in Norway that you can’t miss in 2021. It is computer gaming that offers the players amazing games with high stakes. The environment in which players play Esport games is ever competitive.

Norwegian platforms such as norske casino have already listed thousands of esport games that you can try today. It is likely to gain more popularity in 2021, considering how currently players are excited about online gaming.

Increased use of Augmented reality and virtual reality

2020 saw an increase in the utilization of augmented reality and virtual reality. The technology used in AR has enabled Norwegian lovers of online games to find it more enjoyable. Such players can enjoy a virtual experience after wearing VR headsets.

Lover of music can also attend virtual concerts without leaving their homes. It’s undeniable that the two are some of the online gambling trends in Norway to watch for in 2021.

Live Streaming

Considering that one of the measures to shun the spread of covid-19 has been social distancing, social gathering has become limited. Therefore, most musicians and other entertainers have turned to online platforms to continue entertaining their fans. The use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for entertainment grew in 2020. It’s undebatable that the trend will continue in 2021.


Podcasts became famous in 2020 after significant regulations against covid-19 became effective. Those who had topics to discuss with their teams and other people shifted to podcasts to deliver their message. In 2021, the trend is likely to become even more popular in Norway. It will bring friends, families, and workmates together through virtual platforms.

Cloud gaming

Considering that players could not meet with their friends at the physical gaming hubs, they had to shift to playing indoors. However, they couldn’t still interact with their friends the way they used to.

To reduce the boredom at home, they started utilizing cloud gaming, which provided them with room for interaction with other players as they played the games.

Application of AI

Some of the digital transformation trends 2021 include increased utilization of AI. Initially, companies and businesses did not know much about it.

The entertainment industry is not left behind, either in the transformation. It will make gaming better by giving online players a fantastic experience.

Increased use of BlockChain

A few years ago, Blockchain technology was infamous both in the entertainment and other industries with a vast following. However, with the increased cases of content piracy and plagiarism, Blockchain technology is likely to gain popularity in 2021 since it will help solve issues revolving around piracy and plagiarism of content among artists.

Increased use of Digital currency

A decade ago, no one in Norway ever imagined that there would come a time where bitcoin would be a form of payment. However, today that’s not news to anyone. That means that it will become a more acceptable means of paying bills alongside cash in 2021.

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Smart Apps

The increased use of smartphones globally has seen everyone yearn to access everything online. Entertainment companies have also noticed the high demand for mobile entertainment. Some of them have already developed downloadable apps while others are planning to develop theirs in 2021.

Increased personalization

Most internet users like content that solves their problems. Stakeholders in the entertainment industry have also noted the trend and are now shifting from creating content for the mass to creating personalized content.

Similarly, it will become one of the significant business trends 2021 to watch for as it helps businesses mostly in marketing.

Many trends will emerge in 2021. Businesses, companies, and other internet users should prepare for it. Therefore, the Norwegian 2020 trends will inevitably continue in 2021.

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