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Entertainment venues across the U.S. have had to close their doors due to COVID-19, including Downtown McAllen’s Cine El Rey. 

Cine El Rey Co-Owner Bert Guerra said throughout it’s 74 years of history, it has never gone through any financial problems like this.

“We got no assistance during the first round of SBA loans and grants that went out and the reason we didn’t get it is because all the people that we employ are freelance,” Guerra said. 

Guerra said government agencies like the small business administration could not offer financial relief for employees who work at the theatre. 

“We’ve never needed assistance. Not just Cine, but our industry,” Guerra said. “And the way we looked at it is we’re shuttered to keep people safe. All we want is an opportunity to keep our future safe.”

Now with the new COVID-19 “Save our Stages Act”, business will be provided with financial relief due to the pandemic.

Guerra said once applications for relief are available he plans to use that money to help pay the theatre’s mortgage. 

To  help donate to Cine EL Rey visit their website. 

Watch the video for the full story.

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