Carmelo Anthony Net Worth, Biography

Carmelo Anthony Net Worth, Biography

Carmelo Anthony is widely considered to be one of the most successful and well-liked basketball players of his generation. Anthony has accumulated a fortune that the majority of people can only fantasize of having thanks to his lengthy and successful career. In the following paragraphs, we are going to take a more in-depth look at Carmelo Anthony’s net worth, how he accumulated his fortune, and where he stands financially in the year 2023.

Who is Carmelo Anthony?

In 1984, Carmelo Anthony was born in the borough of Brooklyn, in the state of New York. He began playing basketball at an early age and rose rapidly through the ranks to become one of the most promising prospects in the nation. Anthony went on to play college basketball at Syracuse University, where he was a leader on the team that won the national title in 2003. Anthony’s high school basketball career was a shining example of success.

During the 2003 National Basketball Association draught, the Denver Nuggets selected Anthony with the third overall pick. He spent the first eight years of his professional career with the Nuggets until being sent to the New York Knicks in 2011. After spending the previous six and a half seasons with the Knicks, Anthony went on to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Houston Rockets, and the Portland Trail Blazers throughout his professional career. Anthony made public his decision to end his career as a professional basketball player in November of 2022.

Throughout his entire career in the NBA, Anthony was renowned for his scoring skills, and in 2013, he won the scoring title in the NBA. He was selected for the All-NBA squad a total of ten times and received that honor six times. In addition, Anthony competed for the United States of America in international competitions, where he won three gold medals in the Olympics as well as the FIBA World Championship.

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How Carmelo Anthony Built His Wealth

Over the course of his career, Carmelo Anthony’s fortune has come from the combined efforts of a number of different sources. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the primary avenues via which he generates income.

NBA Contracts and Endorsement Deals

Carmelo Anthony’s NBA contracts have provided him with a considerable amount of his income, just as they do for the vast majority of professional sportsmen. Throughout the course of his career, Anthony signed a number of lucrative contracts with a variety of organizations.

Anthony’s first NBA contract was a normal rookie contract with the Denver Nuggets. It was worth $10.3 million over the course of three years and was for a duration of three years. In 2006, he became the first player in history to sign a deal for more than $100 million over the course of five years. Anthony was moved to the New York Knicks in 2011 when he received a new maximum contract that was worth $124 million over the course of five years.

Anthony’s endorsement deals have helped him bring in a large amount of money, in addition to the money he has received through his NBA contracts. Over the course of his career, he has worked as an endorser for a number of well-known companies, including Nike, Jordan Brand, and Foot Locker. In the year 2019, Anthony entered into a contract with the prestigious watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet.

Investments and Business Ventures

Carmelo Anthony has amassed a great deal of fortune through a variety of investments and commercial endeavors, in addition to the money he makes playing basketball and through endorsements. He is an investor in a number of new businesses, some of which include the ridesharing app Lyft and the headphone manufacturer Muzik. Moreover, Anthony is the proprietor of a number of enterprises, including “The Melo Brand,” a clothing brand, and a sports bar located in Baltimore.

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Carmelo Anthony Net Worth in 2023

It is anticipated that Carmelo Anthony will have a net worth of approximately $140 million by the year 2023. His revenue from NBA contracts, endorsement deals, investments, and business activities are all included here.

It is important to note that Anthony’s net worth has changed over the years, primarily as a result of the NBA contracts that he has signed. His biggest earning years were from 2014 to 2018, when he earned nearly $200 million in NBA salaries alone. These years were also his top earning years overall. But, he also had years with lesser earnings, as in the year 2020, when he made just over $2 million playing with the Portland Trail Blazers. This was one of his lower-earning years.

Anthony has been able to keep a sizable net worth as a result of his astute business initiatives and investments, despite the ups and downs that the market has experienced. Over his career, he has also been quite engaged in charitable giving, which has unquestionably helped him to achieve the overall financial standing that he currently enjoys.


Carmelo Anthony has been able to accumulate a significant net worth throughout the course of his career as a result of the NBA contracts, endorsement deals, investments, and business enterprises that he has been involved in. It is anticipated that he will have a net worth of approximately 140 million dollars by the year 2023. Anthony has been actively involved in philanthropy despite the fact that he has achieved a great deal of financial success, which is evidence of his dedication to giving back to his community.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Carmelo Anthony’s salary?

A: Over his NBA career, Carmelo Anthony’s pay has changed. He made $27.9 million in 2018 while playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder, which was his highest-earning year. He earned $2.8 million in 2022, his final season in the NBA while playing for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Q: How much money has Carmelo Anthony made in endorsements?

A: Over the years, Carmelo Anthony has earned a sizable sum of money via sponsorship deals. Although precise amounts aren’t made public, it’s believed that Anthony has earned tens of millions of dollars through collaborations with businesses like Nike, Jordan Brand, and Foot Locker.

Q: What businesses does Carmelo Anthony own?

A: The “The Melo Brand” clothing line and a sports bar in Baltimore are just two of the companies that Carmelo Anthony owns. Lyft and Muzik are just two of the firms in which he has invested.

Q: How does Carmelo Anthony invest his money?

A: Carmelo Anthony makes a variety of investments, including in stocks, real estate, and start-up businesses. Also, he has been involved in a number of charitable projects, such as the founding of the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, which benefits numerous charitable causes.

Q: What is the Carmelo Anthony Foundation?

A: In 2005, Carmelo Anthony established the non-profit Carmelo Anthony Foundation. The foundation’s primary goal is to help poor children and families in different American communities by offering them chances and resources.