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2023 NFL Draft seventh-round grades: Max Duggan pick a ‘C+’ for Chargers; Rams get ‘A-‘ for Mr. Irrelevant

Want to know what I think of every pick made in the seventh round of the 2023 NFL Draft plus all the other rounds? I graded all the Round 7 picks below, plus all the other Day 2 and Day 3 selections.

If you want to do all that plus track the best available prospects and get access to every pick in the draft on one page, you can in our draft tracker.

Grades: Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7

218. Bears: Travis Bell, DL, Kennesaw State

Grade: C

Classic small-school undersized three-technique rusher who tested his way into the draft. Needs to get stronger and will take time to learn how to dispatch NFL blockers.  

219. Lions: Antoine Green, WR, North Carolina

Grade: A

Draft crush of mine. Tall, decently filled out, explosive YAC specialist on the outside who showcased plus ball-tracking skill as a leaper down the field. Has all the talent and nuance to be a more productive pro than he was in college.  

220. Jets: Zack Kuntz, TE, Old Dominion

Grade: A

Most athletic TE in the class and plays to it on the field. Looks like an enormous WR on the field. Not quite as good in contested-catch scenarios as his size would indicate. Can separate at the next level. If he stays healthy, this is a great value pick.

221. Colts: Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M

Grade: B-

Savvy zone cornerback. Dynamic movements. Plants and drives on the football underneath. OK tackler.  

222. Vikings: DeWayne McBride, RB, UAB

Grade: A

Could be one of the biggest steals in the class. Feature-back size and has the complete skill set to be very elusive at the next level. Not crazy fast but has juice. Compact balance is awesome. Plus value pick.   

223. Rams: Ethan Evans, P, Wingate

Grade: C

Best small-school punter in the class. Big frame with monster leg. Directional kicks need work.  

224. Falcons: DeMarcco Hellams, S, Alabama

Grade: B-

Hellams is an experienced defensive back coming out of a Nick Saban-coached secondary. He has good awareness and understands route patterns, but lacks ideal top end and recovery speed. Maxed out athleticism with a solid floor. (Josh Edwards)  

225. Falcons: Jovaughn Gwyn, IOL, South Carolina

Grade: B+

Overachieving interior blocker with size and length deficiencies. Wall-off blocker who battles hard. Low center of gravity helps his power. Good IOL depth for Falcons.  

226. Jaguars: Cooper Hodges, OL, Appalachian State

Grade: D+

Battler at OT who’ll probably move inside to guard at the next level. Quality but unspectacular athleticism. Needs to get stronger to move people backward at the next level. Best getting lateral. Lunges pop in pass pro  

227. Jaguars: Raymond Vohasek, DL, North Carolina

Grade: C-

Interior DL with NFL size and close to NFL power. Flexibility and burst are lower-level. Not overly athletic. Powerful levers he uses well.  

228. Titans: Colton Dowell, WR, Tennessee-Martin

Grade: C-

Classic outside WR size and was big-time tested. Productive at small-school level. Will have to acclimate to the speed, quickness and strength of NFL CBs. Big leap for him in those regards.  

229. Ravens: Andrew Vorhees, IOL, USC

Grade: C+

Probably would’ve been an early Day 3 pick had he not tore a knee ligament during the pre-draft process. Super-experienced guard with good power. Balance and accuracy at second level is a little underwhelming. Very Ravens selection. Redshirt season in 2023.   

230. Bills: Nick Broeker, OT, Ole Miss

Grade: B

King of winning ugly up front. Played OT and OG at Ole Miss. Good power to his game and will work tirelessly to recover. Anchor is quality. Short-area quickness is impressive.   

231. Raiders: Nesta Jade Silvera, DL, Arizona State

Grade: B+

Fun, undersized up-the-field rusher. Slippery type. Not a great athlete and lacks length. Gets washed out against the run often.  

232. Packers: Carrington Valentine, CB, Kentucky

Grade: A-

Tall, nasty, athletic cornerback who wants to get under the WR’s skin. Incredibly physical at the line. Has recovery speed if beaten. Didn’t have much ball production and his wild style leads to missed tackles. High-upside flier.  

233. Commanders: Andre Jones, EDGE, Louisiana

Grade: C

Versatile LB who plays a physical style. But his power his inconsistent. Old-school downhill type who works well in the box but lacks in coverage.  

234. Rams: Jason Taylor II, S, Oklahoma State

Grade: B+

Elite tester who’s not quite as explosive and speedy on film. Plenty of experience as slot defender and from a deep middle safety. Ball skills are there. Occasionally reacts to routes a tick late. Tackling is average.  

235. Packers: Lew Nichols III, RB, Central Michigan

Grade: C

Nichols has the size of an NFL feature back and is willing to fight through contact. He has good pass-catching ability but there is room for improvement in pass protection. Nichols has below average top end speed, but should be able to find his role at the next level. (Josh Edwards)  

236. Colts: Jake Witt, OL, Northern Michigan

Grade: C

Athletic tackle with a basketball background. Witt needs to do a better job of sinking his hips to absorb contact and overall play strength needs to improve. However, this is a lineman who can move in space and offers developmental upside. (Josh Edwards)   

237. Seahawks: Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia

Grade: C-

Fun versatile RB at Georgia but has lacking long speed and overall athleticism. 

238. Dolphins: Ryan Hayes, OT, Michigan

Grade: C+

Classic Michigan blocker. Handles his assignments well, passes off stunts with ease. Decent power. Not a big-time athlete. Short arms. Has to add weight, too.   

239. Chargers: Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Grade: C+

Big-time leader at TCU. Really improved his overall game in final season. Small framed. Flustered by pressure. Arm is average. Will take off with his legs and take hits to get the first down.  

240. Jaguars: Derek Parish, DL, Houston

Grade: C+

Pat Ricard 2.0. Or has that ability because played well on both sides of the ball in college. Advanced rusher who lacks strength but is decently explosive and high-energy.  

241. Steelers: Cory Trice, CB, Purdue

Grade: A+

Tall, lengthy outside CB with a savvy and athletic game. Sticks to WRs and even when he doesn’t his length gets him to the football often. Tested well for his massive frame. Tremendous tackler. Super steal.   

242. Packers: Anthony Johnson Jr., S, Iowa State

Grade: A-

Twitchy, rangy slot defender/safety hybrid who plays with reckless abandon. Wants to come up and hit you or erupt a blocker upon contact. Assertive style leads to missed tackles often. Would’ve liked to see more ball production but has the speed to stay with receivers.  

243. Giants: Jordon Riley, DL, Oregon

Grade: B

Tall, wide-bodied classic NT. Devours blockers inside but not much of an upfield rusher. This is when you pick a DT like this.   

244. Cowboys: Jalen Brooks, WR, South Carolina

Grade: C-

Brooks is a big, physical boundary receiver who lacks top end speed. He does a good job of flattening his routes across the field, but lacks burst. Dallas adds more size to the room. (Josh Edwards)

245. Patriots: Isaiah Bolden, CB Jackson State

Grade: C+

Jackson State had a lot of talent at cornerback, which forced Bolden to play out of the slot quite a bit. He has great length and speed to transition to a more traditional boundary role for a player with his traits. (Josh Edwards)  

246. Bengals: DJ Ivey, CB, Miami

Grade: C-

Size and length specimen who wore many hats in the Miami defense. Not smooth changing directions. Ran decently well.  

247. 49ers: Brayden Willis, TE, Oklahoma

Grade: A-

Very 49ers pick. Willis was barely utilized in the receiving game, but had YAC flashes. Plus athleticism. Smooth in and out of his breaks. H-back type.

248. Texans: Brandon Hill, S, Pittsburgh

Grade: C+

Higher floor safety without a true trump card. Hitter more than a fluid, sink-in-coverage type.

249. Eagles: Moro Ojomo, DT, Texas

Grade: A

Draft crush of mine. One of the purest, up-the-field rushers on the interior in this class. Slippery, effective pass-rush moves and plays with decent power. Love the fit.

250. Chiefs: Nic Jones, CB, Ball State

Grade: C-

Aggressive boundary cornerback who is willing to play downhill. He tends to get stuck at the stem and needs to do a better job of breaking his feet down in space. Kansas City has done a great job identifying late-round DBs. (Josh Edwards)  

251. Steelers: Spencer Anderson, OT, Maryland

Grade: B+

Confident glider at OG who needs to add weight at the NFL level but plays with great, low center of gravity. Quality athlete, too.  

252. Bills: Alex Austin, CB, Oregon State

Grade: C

Good size at CB, but not lengthy. Tackling issues appear often on film. Not a burner down the field or high-caliber athlete overall. Found the football often on the perimeter. Natural in that regard.  

253. 49ers: Ronnie Bell, WR, Michigan

Grade: A-

Blast of a YAC specialist. Injury did sap some of his athletic juice but recovered well and was a productive wideout in 2022. Still a fine athlete. Strong hands and glances off second and third-level defenders. Plus hands. Love this pick.   

254. Giants: Gervarrius Owens, S, Houston

Grade: A

Electric, highly aware safety. Not a burner, but quickness and range is fantastic. Strong tackler. Pure free safety with range. Love this selection.  

255. 49ers: Jalen Graham, LB, Purdue

Grade: B+

Smaller but athletic, rangy off-ball linebacker. Gets engulfed and moved out of the way at times but can stick with TEs and RBs out of the backfield. That’s vital.  

256. Packers: Grant DuBose, WR, Charlotte

Grade: A-

Big-time sleeper at WR. Tall, well-built frame. Flexible and sudden. Ball-skills master. Above-average run-after-the-catch talent. Plays with nasty demeanor. Loaded young WR group in Green Bay. 

257. Broncos: Alex Forsyth, IOL, Oregon

Grade: B

Power scheme center. Not a mobility specialist, but plays with awesome leverage and power. Labored climbs to the second level but will win with strength right away.  

258. Bears: Kendall Williamson, S, Stanford

Grade: C

Safety who could reduce down to the LB spot. He excels as a run defender, but it isn’t an explosive, oily-hipped coverage player.   

259. Rams: Desjuan Johnson, DT, Toledo

Grade: A-

First-step quickness is borderline elite. Shoots gaps awesomely. Good pass-rush moves too. Short arms and not much power. Niche role that’s valuable in today’s NFL.  

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