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A BRACKNELL resident tried claiming compensation from the council having fallen over at a Mums race during a sports day event.

That’s one of a dozen personal injury claims made against the authority in the past financial year which were rejected.

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As the News revealed last week, only two claims made against Bracknell Forest Council in the year up to April 2020 were successful, resulting in £3,455 being paid out to injured claimants.

But it could have been much more had the authority forked out for the twelve other claims.

Back in May 2019, two claims were made. One was submitted after a resident suffered an injury due to a sunken manhole cover, and the other was lodged following a resident’s fall on some ice.

July 2019 was equally as busy for BFC’s claims department with another two claims made.

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One came after a wheelchair of a resident got caught in a rut in a carriageway, whereas another was lodged following an incident where a bike hit a pothole in the road.

October 2019 was the council’s busiest month for injury claims, with three being submitted in this period.

The first was received when a resident fell after the Mums race at a local sports day event. Unfortunately, we do not have any more information on the details of this claim.

Two more falls were recorded in this month, with separate claims for injuries suffered following a fall down a kerb and a fall over a raised manhole cover.

November saw another strange compensation request come in.

According to results from a Freedom of Information request submitted by the local democracy reporting service, a claim was submitted by a council employee after their arm was wrenched by a tarpaulin cover caught in the wind while they were removing a sand pit.

Four more falls were recorded from December 2019 to March 2020 over a hole in a footway, a pothole in the road, a sunken drain cover, but as with all the requests listed above, none of them were successful.

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