Local health care made progress in 2020 with new services despite pandemic – Citrus County Chronicle

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the county’s two hospitals continued forward, offering new services that allowed county residents to remain local for health care. 

During 2020, Citrus Memorial Hospital (CMH) began offering two new minimally invasive heart procedures.

Using a metal wire with a synthetic valve attached, doctors affiliated with CMH can repair a problematic mitral valve which separates the left atrium chamber of your heart and your left ventricle chamber.

When the valve doesn’t operate correctly, the heart’s ability to send oxygenated blood through the body is greatly impaired.

Until now, patients would have had to travel to hospitals in Orlando or Tampa to have the minimally invasive procedure.

The hospital also this year began offering minimally invasive procedures to close off the heart’s atrial appendage, associated with strokes with people suffering from atrial fibrillation.

Bayfront Health Seven Rivers also this year opened its free-standing emergency room facility in Citrus Springs.

Also in 2020, the Citrus County Hospital Board, which owns and leases out Citrus Memorial Hospital, agreed to financially help LifeStream Behavioral Center’s efforts to build a Baker Act facility here. The 20-bed stabilization unit is expected to cost $8 million-$10 million.

The hospital board also agreed to help fund the proposed Veterans Village of Citrus County.

The proposed Veterans Village of Citrus County will provide affordable, assisted-living apartments to as many as 300 area veterans. The hospital board promised to donate $2.5 million toward the $10.2 million project. The hospital board money will allow the Veterans Village board to garner supporting federal loans.

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