Irish Wolfhound – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

Irish Wolfhound
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The Irish Wolfhound isn’t the foremost popular dog breed but once you meet him you cannot miss him. It’s one among the largest dogs of all.

one of the things that has been really important that I’ve learned this, this is my fourth Wolfhound, that I learned quite quickly is, is getting them comfortable with my hands on them, getting them comfortable with me doing whatever

I need to do, whether it be for grooming, for trimming nails, for lifting them up if they got injured. All of those things are important to really establish with them while you can still lift them. Sure. Okay. This dog is much stronger than I am.

If I want to clip a nail and she doesn’t like it, there’s nothing I can do to force her. So getting her comfortable with my hands on her, getting her comfortable with me, picking up a, upon opening up these toes, doing all the things that I need to do and she goes, okay, not a big deal

Irish Wolfhound

There are top 10 interesting facts about Irish Wolfhounds

1 Irish Wolfhound origin

This is often an ancient dog breed with the primary written evidence from the Year 391 during a letter from a Roman consul to his brother. They were serving as war dogs and hunters. They were especially famous for having the ability to hunt down wolves and elks.

2 Irish Wolfhound Aibe

One Irish wolfhound started a war in the 12th century his name was Aibe and therefore the reason why he started a war was that his owner refused a suggestion from the king of Ulster The King wanted to trade Aibe

3 Irish Wolfhound almost extinct

in the 19th century Irish Wolfhounds almost went extinct the rationale was that the number of wolves and elks decreased so the Irish Wolfhounds weren’t needed that much anymore. Luckily Captain George Graham made an expedition to seek out the remaining Irish Wolfhounds and when he found them he used them to save lots of and revive the breed.

4 Irish Wolfhound Tallest dog

Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane , these two breeds are the tallest dogs within the world Currently the Guinness record is held by Great Danes Zeus but many Wolfhounds are bigger than average Great Danes. The 36 inches tall Irish Wolfhounds aren’t uncommon and there are many that are even taller than that

5 Fast and lazy

A bit like all sighthounds Wolfhound is capable of running very in no time and they like to run so you ought to allow them to to stretch their long large legs every day but. aside from that especially when they are inside the house this is often pretty calm down relaxed and lazy dog

Irish Wolfhound

6 not a guard – Irish Wolfhounds might be extraordinary hunters but they are not the simplest guards. the rationale is simple, its their friendly nature they’re just not alert aggressive or suspicious towards strangers they’re going to probably welcome to bruglar to your house but their large size could be enough to scare away intruders.

7 gentle giant big dog with big heart that’s how you’ll describe the Wolfhound they are the standard gentle giants. Gentle sensitive friendly patient and easygoing but do not forget their hunting side when you’re outside you want to be pretty careful because Irish Wolfhounds are dogs with higher prey drive and that they will love to chase after other animals.

8 health sadly Irish Wolfhound isn’t the healthiest breed big problem is bloating which may be a life-threatening digestive syndrome they even have problems with joints bones and heart the typical lifespan is six to 10 years.

9 Coat – grooming of Irish Wolfhounds coat is pretty simple and straightforward the coat should be combed a minimum of once every week they are not big shedders. The coat is rough and hard and that they have longer fur way their beard can easily become dirty from eating so steel oneself against washing it quite often you’ll find Wolfhounds in many colors including red brindle fawn or grey.

10 with kids – as I already said before Wolfhound may be a gentle giant which suggests he is making good companion for teenagers but because of their large size they will accidentally knock younger children down and injure them that is why they’re better companions for older kids and if they’re with smaller ones you ought to never leave them unsupervised

Tell me in comments what do you like the foremost about Wolfhound and what’s your experience with this dog breed.

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