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Sanjiv Kumar Bakshi

Hoshiarpur, December 25

Ever since the pandemic hit, functioning of hospitals has revolved around the dreaded virus. From check-up of the patients to pre-operative diagnostics and post-operative care, the surgeons have brought in a myriad of changes. Not only have the tests for Covid become a must but the viewpoint towards the radio diagnostics, too, changed.

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Dr Rajinder Sharma

The temperature check before a normal check-up has become essential for every patient, apart from going through his/her clinical history; even family’s, is now taken into account which was earlier unruffled.

Surgeon Dr Rajinder Sharma told The Tribune, “Checking temperature of each and every patient in OPD and getting their hands sanitised has become a common thing. The testing before surgeries are performed has become an essential part of pre-operative procedure. Separate sanitiser and a thermometer are provided to every in-house patient. In OPD social distancing, sanitising is a must and masks are provided to every patient who enters without one.”

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Dr Sanjay Narad

Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Sanjay Narad, said, “The Covid has changed the viewpoint towards diagnostic techniques. Testing has become essential for everyone, the chest X-ray has become all the more important and more careful observation is there because its reports contains indications of Covid. The clinical history of not only the patients but of their family members is sought to ascertain that if the patient or anyone in the family is suffering from Covid already. The post- operative care has to be done mindfully and prophylactic treatment is also provided to prevent any complications if the virus threatens at a later stage. Most of these things are new and were not there before the outbreak.”

Surgeon Dr. Rajesh Mehta said, “Thermal scanning and sanitisation along with masks and distancing is normal in OPD now and testing for Covid before routine non-emergent surgeries as well apart from use of not only masks, but also face shields and even the PPE kits by the surgeons. If anyone comes with flu-like symptoms and needs to be admitted for hospital care or surgery, he or she is kept in a pre-emergency ward where primary aid is given and the patient is tested for Covid. If reports are negative, patient is sent to the emergency or the OT, as the case may be.”

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