Health Benefits Of Tea For Diabetes: Safe Quantity And Side Effects

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How Many Cups?

A study has shown that drinking less than or equal to three cups of tea a day is associated with reduced risk of diabetes type 2. Increased consumption of tea by diabetics can cause other complications or disturb their glucose levels further while its low consumption can increase the risk of diabetes and other health problems. [2]


Health Benefits Of Tea For Diabetes

1. Improves insulin sensitivity

According to a study, teas such as green tea helps improve insulin sensitivity and control glucose by reducing the fasting glucose and haemoglobin A1c concentration. Green or black tea also helps in glycemic control in prediabetics.

2. It lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure targets 8 out of 10 people who are affected with type 2 diabetes and 1 out of 5 people who are affected with type 1 diabetes. By drinking tea twice a day, the risk of high insulin levels in the body can be lowered. [3]

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3. Reduces heart diseases

Diabetes and heart diseases go hand in hand. Studies say that diabetics are at 60 per cent increased risk of developing heart diseases such as stroke. Tea is considered a healthy choice for diabetics as it helps prevent inflammation along with improvement in the blood circulation, which improves the functionality of the heart and makes it healthy. [4]

4. Reduces risk of type 2 diabetes

If diabetes runs in the family, it can be prevented by following the right type of diet and by staying active. A study has shown that people who consume four or more cups of teas a day are at 20 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes type 2 compared to people who had consumed less or none. [5]

5. Reduces the risk of cancer

Many studies have interlinked tea with reduced risk of cancer in diabetics. Hyperglycemia tends to promote proliferation and increase the risk of developing liver, breast, endometrial, colorectal and pancreatic cancers. Tea helps control glucose levels which further helps reduce the risk of cancer. [6]

6. Manages stress

Tea is anecdotally linked to a reduction in stress; many scientific studies are also carried out in the area. Tea contains theanine, an amino acid helps to control the blood pressure levels in the body, which in turn reduces stress and helps in lifting moods. [7]

7. Prevents blood clots

According to a study, teas contain catechin, a phenol and antioxidant that may help to stop bleeding by its anti-coagulant property. Its long term consumption can also help rescue the risk of coronary diseases associated with diabetes type 2. [8]

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Related Risks

  • May increase blood sugar levels when drank with artificial sweeteners.
  • Some herbal teas like fenugreek and aloe vera tea can interact with diabetes drugs and cause side effects.
  • Consuming teas with added milk can cause gastric problems.

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Common FAQs

1. Can diabetics take tea?

Yes, diabetics can consume tea as the best beverage as it helps lower glucose levels in the body and manages diabetes symptoms to a great extent. Teas contain potent compounds like polyphenols and antioxidants that help with diabetes.

2. Which tea is good for sugar patient?

Mainly green and black tea are considered good for sugar patients. However, other teas like cinnamon tea, ginseng tea and oolong tea are also known to manage and prevent the risk of diabetes.

3. Can Tea raise blood sugar?

Some teas contain caffeine and added preservatives like milk and sweeteners. They make raise blood sugar in the body. However, herbal tea or tea from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis are calorie-free and rich in micronutrients that help reduce diabetes risk and manage complications linked to the condition.

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