Reacher Season 2 Review: Bigger, Bolder, and Braver Than Ever (With F-Bombs to Spare)

Reacher Season 2: Reacher’s second season on Prime Video is a barnstorming, bone-crunching blast that takes everything you loved about the first season and dials it up to eleven. It’s bigger, bolder, and braver than ever, with an even higher F-bomb count and enough action sequences to make Michael Bay jealous.

Alan Ritchson is back as the titular Jack Reacher, the 6’4″ ex-military police officer who wanders the country righting wrongs and dispensing justice with his fists and his wits. This season, Reacher finds himself embroiled in a complex conspiracy involving shady government officials, vengeful mobsters, and a mysterious woman from his past (played by the ever-magnetic Willa Fitzgerald).

The plot is a bit convoluted at times, but who cares when you have Reacher cracking skulls and delivering one-liners with the deadpan seriousness of a man who’s seen it all? Ritchson owns the role, embodying Reacher’s physical and mental prowess with effortless charisma. He’s equally convincing throwing a haymaker as he is dissecting a complex moral dilemma.

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The action sequences are truly top-notch. From a brutal prison riot to a heart-stopping chase through the Nevada desert, Reacher Season Two keeps you on the edge of your seat. The fight choreography is brutal and balletic, showcasing Reacher’s superhuman strength and tactical genius. And yes, there are plenty of those satisfyingly slow-motion close-ups of Reacher’s fists connecting with bad guys’ faces.

But Reacher isn’t all about the brawls. The show also delves deeper into the character’s emotional core, exploring his loneliness, his yearning for connection, and his unwavering moral compass. We see glimpses of the man behind the muscle, and it’s surprisingly affecting.

The supporting cast is also excellent. Willa Fitzgerald is a scene-stealer as Reacher’s mysterious new partner, Roscoe. Malcolm Goodwin and Kristin Kreuk bring depth and humor to their roles as Reacher’s old friends, Neagley and Oscar. And Bruce McGill is pure chewing-the-scenery fun as the villainous General Harper.

Reacher Season Two isn’t perfect. The pacing can be a bit uneven at times, and the plot gets a little bogged down in exposition in the middle. But these are minor quibbles compared to the sheer fun of the show.

If you’re looking for an action-packed, laugh-out-loud funny, and surprisingly emotional show, then Reacher Season Two is the perfect binge-watch. Just be prepared to hear the F-word a lot.

Here are some of the things I loved about Reacher Season Two:

  • Alan Ritchson’s performance as Reacher: He’s the perfect blend of size, charisma, and acting chops.
  • The action sequences: They’re brutal, balletic, and incredibly satisfying.
  • The supporting cast: They’re all great, especially Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin.
  • The humor: The show is surprisingly funny, thanks to Reacher’s deadpan delivery and the witty banter between the characters.
  • The emotional depth: The show takes the time to explore Reacher’s character in a way that the first season didn’t.

Overall, Reacher Season Two is a blast. It’s bigger, bolder, and braver than ever, and it’s sure to please fans of the first season and newcomers alike. Just remember to bring your earplugs for all the F-bombs.

I give Reacher Season Two a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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