English Bulldog – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

English Bulldog
English Bulldog
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English Bulldog Breed

The English Bulldog is seen because the national dog of England, and it’s an extended tradition. Once bred as a fighting dog and a bull biter, its courage and powerful assertiveness was highly prized.

History and origin of the English Bulldog within the 6th Century B.C., Celts in today’s Great Britain began crossing their mastiff-like dogs with the molossers brought into the lands by the Phoenicians. Later within the 13th Century, the dogs first became referred to as “bonddogs” or “bolddogs”, which already indicated their courage and fighting strength. this name “English Bulldog” was first utilized in the 17th Century.

Breeders attached importance to broad jaws and a shortened muzzle, in order that the dog could bite into the nose of a bull during a fight and still get enough air. Over time, english bulldogs were forced to fight other animal species, but fighting dog against dog almost became their profession.

When dog fights were banned in England in 1835, the breed of English Bulldog almost wholly disappeared. However, in 1875 the Bulldog Club Incorporated took over the direction of the breeding of English Bulldog. In doing so, more emphasis was placed on the dog’s peaceful nature, and therefore the fighting nature was bred out.

This has basically remained so until today. In recent years, breeders have put more emphasis on the health of the dog. Exaggerated breed characteristics like enormous heads, short noses, enormously wrinkled faces and too short legs are avoided in breeding today.

Appearance of the english Bulldog The FCI doesn’t specify any particular measurements. As a rule, Bulldogs reach a height at the withers of about 30 to 40 cm counting on the sex. The fixed weight is between 23 to 25 kg. Their anticipation is merely about 8 to 10 years – while a British study from 2004 even showed average ages of only 6 years and three months.

Their coats are dense, short, smooth and fine. consistent with the breed standard, English Bulldogs’ coats could also be solid yellow, red, fawn or white, pied or brindle, and with or without a black mask. However, black is undesirable. The dog’s nose must even be pigmented. the top of the heavy, massive dog is disproportionately large concerning its body.

The Bulldog features a short snout, and small, thin ears set high above the eyes, which may provides it a grim-looking appearance. Its main characteristics are its broad chest, and its rather narrow backside with a coffee set tail, which is bent down at the top .

Some dogs have corkscrew tails, which may cause health problems. Temperament and Training of the Bulldog Over the decades, Bulldogs have developed from being former fighting machines to loving family dogs, which love twiddling with children.

As a remnant of its earlier breeding, they display tons of bravery and have a high absolute threshold . The dog has got to be trained extremely consistently, because total obedience can never be expected from it.

Although its disposition is quite unemotional, it also can react very strongly when it’s unhappy. However, with the proper socialisation, English Bulldog may be a rather calm and in particular faithful dog, which may happily live within a family, especially if the youngsters aren’t so young.

Exercise and Care of the English Bulldog Unfortunately, there are still many overbred specimens, which makes the Bulldog highly vulnerable to disease and hypersensitivity. English Bulldogs don’t like hot conditions, and may be susceptible to hip dysplasia, heart problems, allergies and epilepsy.

Because of their short noses, which bring associated breathing problems, dog sports aren’t suitable for this breed. Sometimes with overbred bulldogs, a natural birth is not any longer possible and puppies must change state by cesarean delivery . Therefore, when purchasing a dog, it’s essential to settle on a significant breeder who complies with today’s breed standards. Bulldogs like to be groomed with a special dog glove, and need daily cleaning of their eyes and nose wrinkles to stop inflammation.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog – TOP 10 Interesting Facts

The English Bulldog is best referred to as great family companion but within the past they were working hard and that they looked very different. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about English Bulldog.

  1. Origin. It’s almost impossible to trace down the Bulldogs history precisely. It’s believed that Bulldog like dogs were used for hundreds of years to drive cattle to plug and for a so-called bloody dog sport bullbaiting the primary mention of the breed was in 1500s during a description of a person with two Bulldogs at his tail. it’s believed that they’re descendants of ancient mastiff dogs which they were entirely developed in England.
  1. appearance – the Bulldogs appearance changed tons over the time. Early Bulldogs used for bullbaiting and as drover dogs were far more athletic muscular, taller, heavier and that they had for much longer faces. Just check out this photo of the first bulldog the difference is simply enormous.
  2. family companions – in 1835 the bullbaiting was finally outlawed which caused that the majority of the Bulldogs didn’t have a purpose anymore, because some time past the Bulldog wasn’t an affectionate companion we all know today. it had been quite aggressive breed but luckily many breeders love the Bulldogs and that they began to bred only the dogs with docile and affectionate temperament which is strictly the trait we admire on today Bulldogs and indeed the Bulldog we all know today is amazing friendly gentle and tolerant companion.
  3. Stubbornness – on the opposite hand English Bulldog is certainly not a pushover to coach they’re not stupid definitely not, but they’re known to be pretty stubborn. this is often why they have patient and firm trainer to become obedient.
  4. Watchdog the Bulldog is additionally quite courageous and alert breed, they’re going to not copy against even much larger opponent which may be a reason why they will be trained to be good watchdogs although they’re pretty lazy so don’t expect them to patrol around an outsized property.
  5. Living with – the Bulldog is simply an excellent apartment pet, because they are doing not need much exercise or better to mention compared with other dogs because you’ll still need an extended walk a day even with a Bulldog to stay him healthy and happy. The Bulldog also will love regular play times. it’s important to not overdo it with the exercise especially in hot temperatures because Bulldogs can have difficulties with breathing.
  6. size the English Bulldog has short legs, medium sized compact body and wide head. the typical height should be around 16 inches which is 40 centimeters and weight it’s typically between 18 to 25 kilograms which is 40 to 55 pounds.
  7. Head – the foremost distinctive a part of the Bulldogs appearance is certainly its head. the top is simply massive for a medium-sized dog. The muzzle is extremely short and that they have wrinkled face. By the way it is vital to wash the wrinkles because they will develop skin infections. The jaws also are massive and lips are fleshy and pendulous.
  8. Maintenance this can be often often very easy to want care of dog breed they need short hair. Be prepared for drooling and snoring. slightly like with all dogs you would like to regularly check their eyes ears and nails and clip them or clean them if needed.
  9. Health – the English Bulldog can suffer from tons of health issues. it’s definitely not the healthiest breed, the list includes psychedelically syndrome head tremors, patellae luxuriation, hip dyspepsia, Democratic mange, proponent problems with breathing, heat stroke and obesity. the typical lifespan is between 8 to 10 years. Which is one among the shortest in their size category. Tell me in comments what does one just like the most about the Bulldog and what’s your experience with this dog breed.
English Bulldog

How To Train English Bulldog

Train an English bulldog the way to potty train your bulldog puppy I’m getting to offer you some simple day-to-day rules for house training your pet Bulldog so sit back and let me attempt to assist you out today Bulldogs

An Bulldog puppies are a bundle of joy they’re friendly playful briefly and an excellent addition for any dog lover however the arrival of your new canine demands some house training and fast otherwise you risk turning your home into an obstacle course of piles and puddles not fun potty training your bulldog puppy doesn’t need to be a stressful exercise especially

if you follow a couple of time tested tactics here are a couple of essential tips for helping your bulldog and yourself if you’re bulldog may be a puppy you want to realize that his bladder is little and controlling it’s not getting to happen it’s unrealistic to expect him to suppress his release while you’re at work or otherwise occupied.

Generally speaking the length of your time that a dog can wait between peeing or pooping ranges from one to 2 hours for small puppies that are fresh to your home three to four hours for older puppies that are conversant in the concept of going outside to pee and poop your five rules for potty training an bulldog

A regular and timely feeding schedule in/out clockwork know when your puppy last eliminated keep a diary choose a delegated toilet area for potty training so where does one want to coach your english bulldog to always poyty and poop the puppy toilet area must be accessible very quickly the foremost important thing you’ll do to form potty training happen as quickly as possible is to reward and praise your bulldog puppy

Every time he goes within the right place the more times he’s rewarded the quicker he will learn therefore it’s important that you simply spend the maximum amount time as possible together with your english bulldog and provides him regular and frequent access to his toilet area the key to successful potty training consistency and patience

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