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QUARRY Bank born authors and comedy geniuses Geoff and David Tristram have ventured into the world of children’s books.

Geoff has written a whole series of hilarious novels for grown ups about hapless artist David Day and struggling comedy writer Adam Eve but his latest offering is especially for little ones.

Entitled Welcome to the Curious Zoo – the storybook introduces children to Dinnersaurus, Owliphant, Rhinoshark and features illustrations from Geoff – a lifelong professional artist.

He said: “It’s about a zoo full of crazy made-up animals with an accompanying nonsense poem.”

Meanwhile, his brother David (playwright and creator of the Doreen comedy character) has been busy helping lazy cow Doreen to publish another children’s book, which also features artwork by Geoff.

The comedy queen of the Black Country, who shot to fame as a YouTube sensation a few years ago and is now a stage and screen star, had already released a book for kids called The Giant Panteater, and Other Curious Creatures and it proved such a hit with parents, little ones, schools (and even received a celebrity endorsement from Debbie McGee) that a second book has been released.

In this one, entitled Poetry in my Ocean, Doreen introduces readers to the amazing creatures that live in the world’s oceans.

David said: “Once again it’s a combination of beautifully-illustrated, quirky fun poems, sometimes with gentle educational messages, such as how plastic is polluting our environment.

“In this new book we get to meet The Puffin who lost his Stuffin’, the Felt-Tip Penguin, the Polo Bear, the Waterproof Seal, the Shrimp with a Limp, and loads more.

Both books are suitable for children aged around six to seven and upwards to read themselves – or younger if parents read the poems to them.

Geoff said: “We wanted to create a silly kid’s book to make the children laugh with my and David’s nonsense poetry that harks back to Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. Animals have names such as The Very Very Very Long Snake, The Camelotalumpus, the Loch Ness Monkey, Bees on Skis, The Dinnersaurus, The Battered Cod, The Felt-Tip Penguin and so on. All daft but delightful.”

Poetry in my Ocean is priced £6.95 and available online from the website.

It is also available as a personalised gift, with the option of a including a photo on the back cover and a birthday message from the buyer.

Geoff’s new book Welcome to the Curious Zoo is available online from his website, priced £7.99 plus £1.50 subsidised postage and packing, or people can email him at

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