Brexit news live: Trade agreement ‘could be close’ – Sky News

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Good morning, readers. Brexit, yes we’re back to that – is a deal nearly there?

After a year of sometimes bitter wrangling, hopes are high that the UK and the EU have reached a trade deal after talks continued through the night.

Europe correspondent Michelle Clifford, in Brussels, said: “It feels very close, EU officials were telling us yesterday they were in the end phase of the deal.

“The teams are still working inside the commission this morning, going through that massive document – 2,000 pages we understand.

“Right up to the end they were wrangling about fishing rights and the level playing field but we understand the deal is there now.

“We’re expecting a phone call at some time this morning between Boris Johnson and Ursula Von der Leyen, timings have slipped but it’s expected this morning.”

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