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Ascension encourages you to show thanks to health care workers – Journal Times

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In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., New Yorkers were applauding out their high-rise apartments daily, there were car parades to cheer on health care workers and restaurants offered free food to those on the front lines of the pandemic.

But now that the pandemic has worn on and those displays of appreciation are less frequent, Ascension All Saints is encouraging continued gratefulness to health care workers.

In a Sunday full-page advertisement in the front section of The Journal Times, Ascension asked readers to give thanks to the caregivers in their lives.

“In the spirit of giving, we honor those who have given the most — our caregivers,” the ad reads.

In the ad, Ascension suggests that readers send a card to the caregivers in their lives or remember the workers on the front line of the health crisis in their prayers. Readers can also share a message of thanks for all health care workers by scanning the QR code on the advertisement that will take them to Ascension’s Kudoboard, where thank yous from the public to health care workers can be posted. The Kudoboard can also be found at ascension-caregiver- appreciation or

Ascension QR #CaringForCaregivers

Scan the QR code contained within the heart at the left to be taken to Ascension Health’s Kudoboard.

“After the holidays” more community health centers in Wisconsin are expected to receive shipments of a coronavirus vaccine to expedite Phase 1A of the massive vaccination campaign, according to one Department of Health Services leader.

Those at Advocate Aurora are looking for support for front line workers as well. Dr. Robert Citronberg, executive medical director of infectious disease and prevention at Advocate Aurora, said in a Zoom call with reporters last month that team members there were exhausted from dealing with the pandemic.

“We are very concerned about making sure that our team members remain healthy mentally,” he said.

Dr. Mary Beth Kingston, Advocate Aurora’s chief nursing officer, described the emotional challenges that health care workers are going through right now.

“It’s really hard,” she said. “We get very close to our patients and to lose a patient as you get to know them well, and to have this happen certainly more frequently than it has in the past, is very difficult.”

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