16 Common Foods That Cause Unhealthy FAT Gain

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1. Ice Cream

While there are low-fat and vegan ice cream options, regular or commercially made ice creams are packed with sugar and have a high-fat content [2]. One of the most popular desserts, ice creams are extremely fattening – so it is best enjoyed as an occasional treat and not as a regular in your meals [3].

2. Pizza

No, we are not talking about home-made pizza that you can make with healthy alternatives – but the store-bought/takeaway pizza which have been given the title of ‘most popular junk food.’ The pizzas you order in are high in fat, refined carbs, and calories. In addition to that, depending on the type of pizza you order, it can also include large amounts of cheese and processed meat [4]. Studies link consumption of these food items to obesity and an increased risk of adverse health conditions like heart diseases [5].


3. Doughnuts

It goes without saying that doughnuts are fattening. Doughnuts contain high amounts of sugar, refined flour, and added fats [6]. Extremely high in calories, doughnuts contain a large amount of trans-fat, which is an unhealthy fat.

4. French Fries

Not just fries, but your favourite potato chips are also included in the list of highly fattening foods [7]. These popular snacks are commonly eaten with high-sugar sauces like ketchup, inviting double the trouble. Several studies have linked french fries and potato chips directly to weight gain [8].

5. Milk Chocolate

Unlike its cousin dark chocolate, white chocolate does not promote weight loss but in turn, can lead to weight gain. Milk chocolates are commonly high in sugar and fat; and are somewhat addictive, causing you to eat 2-3 bars in a sitting [9].


6. Peanut Butter

While controlled consumption of home-made peanut butter is healthy, commercially prepared peanut butter that contains added sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and a lot of salt that can make you gain weight [10]. Peanut butter also has a high-calorie count, yet another reason making it one of the most common foods that cause excessive weight gain (if consumed in large quantities).

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7. Soda (Sugar-Sweetened Beverages)

Nutritionists say that flavoured, sugary sodas can be considered as the most fattening food item [11]. Not only sodas, sweet tea, flavoured juice drinks, coffee drinks and sports drinks are high in sugar and highest sources of calories among junk foods [12]. Drinking soda may not only increase your risk of obesity but also type 2 diabetes and heart disease [13].


8. Cookies

While cookies are fun to be munching while working or Netflixing, they can be extremely high in calories [14]. You can bake some cookies home or go for a small, single-serving (1-2 cookies).

9. Fruit Juice

Yes, they are healthy; but they can cause unhealthy weight gain when consumed in excess [15]. Store-bought fruits juices have high added-sugar content and lack fibre and other nutrients found in whole fruits.

10. Processed Meats

On some days frying a sausage can help save you time, but in the long run, these cause several health problems, with excessive weight gain being the primary one.

Some of the other foods that can make you gain unhealthy fat are as follows:

• White bread

• Alcohol

• Low-calorie cereals

• Smoothies

• Noodles

• Pasta


On A Final Note…

Of course, excessive consumption of no food is ever good. Weight watchers should be careful as to what to eat because foods like these will add to the pounds, which will be difficult to get rid of later. Control or reduce your consumption of these foods to avoid a sudden, unhealthy weight gain.

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